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Asian home decor

About Us

Individual artefacts for distinctive living

"Everything has a unique story and is laced with history - a country, it's culture, the people, their homes and the objects in them. Listen, learn and be enriched by them." 


HARTA was born from that philosophy and a passion to share the stories behind the object and their makers. 

Inspired from travels across the globe, our collections are selected based on their individuality - either through the material used, the manner it's crafted or simply the fact that it is a one-off; each object telling a story in their own rightful way. Our eclectic mix offers new ways to transform your home, helping you create a look that is individual and distinctive. 

From our hub in North Devon, we bring a fusion of cultures and interior designs that will encourage you to find combinations that will reflect your personal style. 

We hope that our products will delight design lovers and interior enthusiast alike; taking you and your guests on a journey of curiosities and objects laced with history and purpose.

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