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Decorative Jewelled Bone Ball

Origin: Asia



Decorative Jewelled Bone Ball

SKU: 17A20
  • Decorative jewelled bone ball sitting on a stand with "dragon" feet. In China the dragon symbolises cosmic energy and good fortune. Ranked first among mythical beasts, it can bring rain to drought areas, which in turn represents abundance and relief. A dragon and phoenix (king of all winged creatures) symbolise the emperor and empress as well as marital bliss. The dragon is often used as an emblem of high rank and power on robes of emperors and princes as well as on imeprial art objects. Note that there are 5 jewels. The number is associated with the Five Elements of water, fire, wood, metal and earth which are essential for good life. In Chinese thought these are one of the basic oraginsational principles.

    This artefact is a simple little statement yet distinctive piece to adorn any home.


    Please look at the photographs carefully as they form part of the description.

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