Handcrafted Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

Origin: Oxfordshire, U.K.

Ca: Contemporary


Handcrafted Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

SKU: 19C01
  • Don’t have room for a real Christmas tree or don’t fancy to contend with needle drop, but don’t want a fake tree in PVC?
    Here is a stylish eco-friendly alternative - a unique Christmas tree handmade from rustic reclaimed pallet timber.
    A contemporary and environmentally friendly twist to your seasonal home decor.
    Hang on a wall, prop in a corner, secure in a plant pot with soil to stand upright or hammer into ground. Personalise with hanging decorations, sequins, fairy lights and possibly paint to match your personal style bringing a rustic yet stunning sophisticated look to your home this festive season. This alternative Christmas tree will make a unique feature around your home.
    Size: 112 cm (h) x 94 cm (w)
    Please note due to the individuality this product sizes may vary slightly between trees.
    Does NOT include decorations. If interested, see our Christmas Collection for a variety of Christmas decorations in leather, glass, nickel and much more.



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