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Icelandic Sheepskin Double Natural White

Origin: Iceland




Icelandic Sheepskin Double

SKU: 17SFR04
  • These stunning Icelandic Sheepskin rugs are rare breeds from Iceland, completely natural and un-dyed retaining their original markings and colour. The wool is softer and longer than the usual sheepskin rugs. The wool is long and shaggy in appearance.


    These rugs look stunning draped over a sofa or contemporary armchair or on the floor in front of shabby chic furniture to add instant warmth to any home. 


    Each rug is of premium quality  being carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty, then carefully sewn together to create this particular size, bringing outdoor natural beauty to any home. They are a sustainable and Eco-Friendly product.


    Size: 110-120cm x 125-130cm

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