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Jingdezhen "Rice Grain" Porcelain Chinese Tea Set

Origin: Bejing, China

Ca: Contemporary


Jingdezhen "Rice Grain" Porcelain Chinese Tea Set

SKU: 18KTW04
  • A delicate blue-white Chinese tea set handcrafted using the age-old technique of the Jingdezhen kiln. Characteristic of the Jingdezhen kiln is the intricate translucent "rice grain" pattern. The pattern was first believed to have been made by inserting rice grains into the clay before glazing and firing. However, the actual method of creating these rice shapes was by carefully cutting out pieces from the porcelain and then dipping the piece into clear glaze until all the holes were filled.


    A beautifully and intricately crafted Chinese tea set that is not only functional but ornamental as well!


    This exquisite Chinese tea set includes: 1 teapot, 6 teacups, 1 fair cup pitcher, 1 tea strainer/filter and 1 tea strainer/filter holder.

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