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Tapas Sticks - Shellfish Design, Set of 6

Origin: Zeeland, The Netherlands

Ca: Contemporary


Tapas Sticks - Shellfish Design

SKU: 18KTW12
  • Serving canapes, hors d'oevres or mini bites? Why not use these Silver Tin Tapas Sticks from our distinctive kitchenware collection?


    The elegantly designed Tapas Sticks are handcast in silver tin. They were created by two seafood lovers from the south of Holland, initially intended for eating cockles, snails, whelks, crab and other delicious shellfish. However, the design is so versatile it could be used when serving a variety of hors d'oevres, canapes and/or little bites.


    They come as a set of 6 in various shellfish designs and lengths.  All elegantly packaged in a black box. 

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