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Vintage Briglin Pottery Coffee Set

Origin: London, U.K.

Ca: 1960 - 1970's


Vintage Briglin Pottery Coffee Set

SKU: 18KTW05
  • Briglin Pottery was founded in 1948 by Brigitte Goldschmidt (Appleby) and Eileen Lewenstein in the heart of London. Their aim was to produce well designed, attractive and affordable functional ware. The tin-glazed earthenware was often decorated boldly with abstract and semi-abstract designs.


    This vintage coffee set is abstractly decorated in a grey and red swirl design with a combination of black and white glaze and wax resist. The Briglin coffee set includes: 6 pedestal mugs, lidded coffee pot, milk jug and sugar jar.


    If you are a fan of retro style then this is for you! 

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