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White Hanging Chair

Origin: Jolipa, Belgium.

Ca: Contemporary


White Hanging Chair

  • A beautiful cotton hanging hammock chair providing a calm and cosy place to sit. A minimalist design in neutral colour with the tassels adding a touch of  boho. Simply hang from your sitting room or bedroom ceiling or from a tree in your garden. Can you see yourself gently swinging to and fro from this hammock ?

    Available to pre-order now ! Expected Delivery approx 3-4 weeks.

    The Details

    Can be used indoor and outdoor. Please do note: consider bringing your hammock  inside at night time to avoid any risk of discolouration; outdoor conditions at night can change the colour of the fabric. During the winter, please store your item in a warm, dry place to prolong it's condition.

    Dimensions: 128cm (l) x 128cm (w) x 160cm (h)

    Material: Cotton

    Carrying capacity: 120kg

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