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Interiors Through Adventure


Does this exotic weather also remind you of your recent holiday travels or those you are about to embark on?

The other day I was lazily lounging in the hammock, enjoying the warm summer's evening with a cheeky limoncello. This continuous spell of exotic weather so reminds me of my recent travels to Asia.

How I looove travelling! Always have done, even as a kid. It's my happy place! Exploring different countries and cultures gives me such a buzz. Interior designer, Tim Tattersall, wrote "Travel expands our creativity, our experience and our life". I couldn't agree more. When I reflect on my lifestyle and look around my house I can definitely see the influence of my globe trotting days. It's in the food I cook - from Italian to Indonesian - and in the style of my interior - an eclectic/bohemian mix of old meets new, east meets west and north meets south.

It seems that many take inspiration from travel. According to research conducted by, more than half (56%) of the 19000 global travellers interviewed stated that their holiday accommodation provided such an unforgettable experience that their travels inspired them to redecorate their own home. Our desire to continue that holiday feel is SO great, "that a third (32%) of the travellers reveal that they want to update their home because they like interior design that reminds them of happy times spent on holiday". Not only that, they also want to be more creative in doing so. Love that - be bold!

Rustic Country Farm House

Perhaps you fell in love with that rustic feel of the country house farm in Brittany, the Wabi-Sabi style of Japan or you are inspired by the patterned tiles, alfresco dining and the sea from the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Living

But how do you recreate that amazing holiday experience without making your home look like a souvenir shop? How do you create that jet setting flair in your own home? That is the million dollar question. Here are some tips for you on how you can achieve this.


One of the things that often strike me when traveling is colour. The colour scheme used in the holiday accommodation, the colours of the often unusual plants and different landscapes as well as colour in local design.

Mediterranean Sea

From the blue azure tones of the Mediterranean sea and the vibrant colours of Morocco to the earthy tones of Africa and the soft neutral tones of Scandinavia.

Leather Butterfly Chair

Deciding on colour in the home is often one of the most difficult design aspects. We respond to colour psychologically, personally and culturally. An entire blog - even a book - could be dedicated to this subject alone. So how do you narrow down and choose from the colours you liked during your travels ? Simply look at the photographs you took, the postcards you bought and sent (meant to - guilty! Eek!) and the purchases you made.

Lay them out on the table or floor, group them by the predominant colour.

Photo Memories on Sheepskin Rug

Soon a colour pattern emerges and you will see that you are drawn to one or two (maybe three max) hues - these are the colours you should use to paint those walls, buy a new lounge chair or settee or if you're less daring recreate the look with accessories such as ivory sheepskins to recreate that cosy neutral Scandinavian feel or ochre cushions for the earthy African tones.


Buying locally handcrafted souvenirs is a great way to bring home that holiday vibe and a great way to be reminded of happy times. Turn these treasures into statement pieces in your home.

Make a feature wall from the handwoven baskets you picked up in an African market or from the bamboo hand fans you picked up at the Floating Market in Thailand. Hang your favourite Indonesian Ikat fabric on the wall or use as a bedspread. Put fruit in that large leaf shaped wooden bowl and display on the kitchen breakfast bar or as a centre piece on the dining room table.


Many designers get their inspiration from nature - both plants and wildlife. And what an incredible source of inspiration it is! If you are also amazed at some of the luscious and exotic plants and trees in the countryside and in peoples homes and garden, why not take pictures and jot down names of those that catch your eye.

When you return home google online or go to your local garden centre and purchase them. A touch of green

Plant Hanger Oasis

indoors is a great way to add colour and life to a room, and let's not forget the health benefits! But if you are one of those that does not have a green finger and would prefer to stay away from the real thing, there are plenty of other ways to introduce plants in your interior. How about a cushion with exotic palm prints?

Were you inspired by the local wildlife? Did you fall in love with tigers, elephants or giraffes on your African Safari. Short of bringing one home, introduce prints, wooden sculptures and accessories of wildlife in your home.


When on holiday that happy, relaxed feeling can also stem from the senses - smells, taste, light. These are not necessarily physical yet are very powerful elements that can transport you back in time to your holiday. Perhaps you loved the feeling and smell of the fresh sea air on the patio of your Mediterranean beach villa? Why not buy a sea salt-jasmine-lime scented candle and light it on a sunny day to instantly feel you are back on that patio. There is a vast array of scented candles, diffusers and sprays to choose from that you can most certainly find one that will transport you back to your happy holiday moment.

Having said all that I think the best piece of advice I have ever been given is "WHEN IN DOUBT, KEEP IT SIMPLE". Take inspiration from the detail but think moderation.

The places we stay in are as important as the journeys we take to get there. Travelling provides a world of inspiration. Henry Miller said "One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of thinking."

Waiting for BA flight to Singapore

I for one can't wait to see what new exciting perspectives my next travels will bring me and how it will influence my interior !

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