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Chinese Aquarelle on Xuan Paper.

Fishermens' Wives; M. Lammers


Chinese Aquarelle on Xuan Paper

SKU: 17PWA02
  • Colourful Framed Chinese Aquarelle on Xuan paper (Chinese Rice Paper) by artists M. Lammers. 


    Chinese rice paper is made from the bark of wingceltis (Pteroceltis tartarinowii) mixed with rice straw. It involves 18 processes, nearly 100 operations and over 300 days before the product is complete. Artists lay the paper on the table (rather than on an easle) as the technique used involves dipping brushes in water-based ink and other pigments, including salt, often working with little puddles of paint to create the desired effect. Laying the paper on the table allows the painting to dry more effectively. 


    Dimensions (incl frame): 51 cm (h) x 75 cm (w) x 2 cm (d)


    Please look at the photographs carefully as they form part of the description.

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