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Jian "Hare's-Fur" Porcelain ChineseTea Set

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Ca: contemporary


Jian "Hare's-Fur" Porcelain Chinese Tea Set

SKU: 18KTW01
  • This vibrant blue porcelain Chinese tea set is made using the age-old technique of the Jianzhou kiln. This technique is characterised by using an iron-rich clay and glaze, which through an intricate firing and cooling process, creates unique patterns on the porcelain. One such pattern is this distinctive streaking called the "hare's-fur" pattern.


    The beauty of this tea set lies in the simplicity of the shape and the vibrancy of the colour. Whether you drink tea or not, this distinctive Chinese porcelain tea set is a lovely addition to any collection and can be used as a beautiful home accent piece.


    The Jian "hare's-fur" Chinese tea set consists of 1 tea pot and 6 tea cups. 

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